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Long-Awaited Debut Album for Jazz Fans !!

A new jazz singer Amber Quinteiro’s first album “ Forever Tonight ” produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima & John Ryan will be available from November 21, 2007 through King Records in Japan.

Critics said “ It is a shocking news for Jazz fans since Julie London or Helen Merrill.” In this digital era, it is rare that you hear sultry female vocal backed up by tasteful & soulful acoustic jazz combo. Recorded at East Quest Studio in Woodland Hills, California the cohesion of maestro bassists such as Brian Bromberg & Tim Emmons and legendary brush master Clayton Cameron, the young genius pianist Ken Rangkuty, and another young outstanding guitarist Nick Perez, plus Dr. Osamu on acoustic guitar provided Amber with one of the most enjoyable Jazz standards.

The atmosphere Amber creates with her innocent but sassy voice and cute face gives you a heavenly, highly energetic performance in superb quality!!

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Major Label Release in Mainland China !!

Eagerly-awaited album "After Sunset" by extraordinary newcomer guitarist Greg Suzuki has been released in Mainland China through the biggest major record company NMG Entertainment/Star Sing Records.

Needless to say, the album was produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima.

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Nobel Prize Nominee !!

Cynthia C. Basinet who sang " Tea for Two " produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima honored with Nobel Prize. She is among this years Nobel Peace Prize nominees.

Nominee Basinet, while best known as an actress and jazz artist - aka "c. basinet", hits like "Santa Baby" (also in the sound track of the film, "Party Monster") and "Tea for Two" has also been involved in drawing attention to the plight of some 200,000 refugees living in the western Sahara desert.

In May 2001, she travelled to the Algerian camps, performed for the people there and met with various government agencies. The camps are more than 80 percent women and children. As a single mother,
could relate deeply to their plight.


Dr. Kitajima has produced music for the annual Nagoya Odori performance this year and it was highly admired by critics.

Nagoya odori is the long-running Japanese traditional Buyo dance performance since 1945, and its history goes back even to Edo period. Original Nishikawa style Kabuki choreographer starts it and continues to current master, Ukon Nishikawa for about 300 years now.

A customary dance performance disappears one after another, Nagoya odori continues more than half a century, and it becomes the 58th times in current year. This years most highlight performance is "Kaze no naka yuku" which is produced by Osamu.

You will enjoy the collaboration of Ukon's amazing buyo dance and guest performer Eriko Watanabe's powerful elocution.

Also, Osamu's new idea of ambient dance beat and spiritual approach to string orchestra arrangement makes the very unique atmosphere to the stage.

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